Denise : I love to feel light, free, and connected. I enjoy witnessing change, growth, and the magic of transformation. I am working on having more patience, enjoying practice, and embracing imperfection. Building this house has allowed me to experience all of these things, and more: shifting my mind about what I physically need, in order to feel the things I want to feel, has been challenging and empowering and uncomfortable and liberating (sometimes all at the same time). I still find myself amazed that where once there was nothing, now there is a home. A little, imperfect, unfinished, sweet space that we built with help from loved ones. It’s a very good feeling and I like to think the house exudes those positive vibes. I am also a user experience designer and a holistic health coach. All pursuits encourage simplifying, embracing incremental improvements and cultivating enthusiasm for change! www.denisepasquinelli.com


Oliver : I enjoy making pictures and movies. Lately, my creative energies have been poured into home design in practice and theory. In all of my pursuits of late, a question has been on my mind : what is our relationship to the natural world? With a camera, it’s easy to just observe or cynically report of our bonds to nature or lack thereof. But my spirit wants to celebrate good things and be a part of making the world more beautiful. That’s what excites me about building and thinking about old and new ways to shelter and organize ourselves. It’s a way to actively participate in change. I’ve been happily and excitedly exploring how to work with wood and build with natural, minimally processed materials.www.oliverogden.com


  1. Adam Barbay
    Jan 22, 2015 @ 02:10:00

    This. Is. Awesome. Please, keep feeding this blog with as much as you can. Miss you Oliver!! You’ll always have a place to stay where my wife and I are. :-)


  2. denise and oliver
    Jan 29, 2015 @ 05:41:32

    Thanks for following along Adam. Let us know if you have any questions along the way. Can’t wait to hear about your own home building adventure someday. Hope you’re well!


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